Hydraulic cuttinghead ipr130hS-power-fingersafe

 Made in Germany

  • Weight only 14,9 kg
  • Max. Cable diameter: 130 mm
  • Suitable for cable types: Al, Cu
  • fingersafe
  • Lever locking bolt
  • Design by ipr development
  • Item number: 150423

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Made in Germany

  • Weight: only 14,9 kg!
  • Cutting power 850 bar: 15t
  • Pressure 850 bar
  • Max. cable diameter: 130 mm
  • Suitable for cable types: Al, Cu
  • Cuts steel reinforcement with 4mm diameter
  • inclusive fingersafe
  • Dimensions: 256 x 165 x 597 mm
  • Lever locking bolt
  • Guide of steel
  • Hard metal knife
  • design by ipr development

The closed form offers a safety cable cutting also in the cable trench and by a safety-cut. The cuttinghead cuts steel reinforcement with 4mm diameter. The cuttinghead was positive tested by cutting city cables, sea cables and 3 cables together. Even it cutts bridge ropes without any problems.

The drive of our hydraulic aggregate has the power to save your time.


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Gewicht 14,9 kg