Blocking valve for pipe jacking tool

Made in Germany

  • Blocking valve for pipe jacking tool prevents reduction pressure over a not
    limited time.
  • Item number: 170294
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 Made in Germany


  • Needle Valve with non-return function to block and reduce oil flow in one direction to flow
  • Weight: 1,1 kg
  • Max. WORKING PRESSURE: 1000 bar
  • Dimensions: 235 x 40 x 75 mm
  • To connect on our UNI FUTURE 2050 DA
  • Item number: 170294

The blocking valve for for pipe jacking tools prevented a reduction of the oil pressure in the tool. So it´s possible to hold a hydraulic pressure over a temporal not limited space.
Blocking valve will be connected between hydraulic aggregate and pipe jacking tool.
To close, the adjusting whell turned clockwise to stop. Now the oil can only pumped from the hydraulic agreggate into the tool, but no oil can flow back from the tool to the hydraulic agreggate.
To open, the adjusting whell turned counterclockwise. Not to the limit, only one or two roatations are enough. Now the oil can flow back from the tool to the tank of the hydraulic agreggate and the tool go back to end position.