Safety cutting unit ipr120SCU-DA incl. Carrier bag

Made in Germany

  • hydraulic aggregat UNI FUTURE-II 2050
    Using: The hydraulic Aggregat can used as drive for tools up to 700
    bar. You saving costs for a extra aggregat. We say: Less is more!
  • Intigrated manometer up to 1000 bar
  • 10m high pressure hydraulic hoses (metall free), solid connected with the cuttinghead
  • Superlight cuttinghead ipr120hS-light
  • Item number: 160025

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Made in Germany

Safety cutting unit consisting of :

  • Hydraulic power unit cube
  • Integrated pressure gauge to 1000 bar
  • 10m High pressure hydraulic hose (metal-free), fixed to the cutting head
  • Super light cutting head ipr120HS
  • Remote control 3m
  • Power charger 3m
  • User manual
  • Transport bag

The toal weight of our 120 Securty system, it is only ca. 17 Kg, and not 30 Kg!


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Gewicht 17 kg